Fortnite returns with new features: FORTNITE chapter 2

Fortnite returns with new features: FORTNITE 
chapter 2

What's new this season
The world has been updated to include the possibility of exploring a new map with 13 new locations
You can choose where you're going to land on this map.
There are areas returning from the previous map such as Retail Row - Pleasant Park - Salty Springs
10 all-new venues (Steamy Stacks - Holly Hedges - Sweaty Sands - Lazy Lake Slurpy Swamp - Misty Meadows - Weeping Woods - Craggy Cliffs - Dirty Docks - Frenzy Farm)
A whole new water play environment has been added with the possibility of the following a
Activities: swimming, fishing, steamboats and more

Style of play
A feature that has been claimed by the players has been added: the possibility of treating your band with a bazooka cane remotely.
You can also carry the fallen of your colleagues to a safe place.

Add the possibility of celebrating new group dances such as palm blows
Now you can hide in haystacks and dumpsters to surprise your opponent and sign it.

The possibility of setting fire by detonating gas tanks and barrel bombs
You can swim and even use your weapon in the water

It passes over it.
Raise your level with an entirely new battle card featuring an entirely new experience points system and medals you win in the showdown.
Upgraded battle: Return to basics and battle opponents with a simplified arsenal of weapons

The island template has been added - you can now start a new island from a basic game template.

The shape and spirit of the user interface have been renewed when interacting with the island's distinctive gates and personal slit.

The number of pop-up phone messages that can appear when entering the island has decreased.
General updates to the shape and spirit of the user interface

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